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At 12:03pm on November 19, 2011, Valkyrie said…

Hi Peppy Pepster. I thought I'd say hi on here since I haven't in a while. I usually just stalk your fbook ^.^

At 8:53am on November 19, 2011, Shadowman said…

Hello, Peppy, thanks by the add, my best wishes, bye.

At 10:08am on May 17, 2011, Indur Dawndeath gave Peppy le Spaz a gift
Hey, happy birthday Peppy! Hope you have a good one! ^_^
At 8:16am on May 12, 2011, Anonymous Ninja said…

hey, welcome back!

the site has died so we needed a couple of people from back in the day.

At 10:01pm on December 16, 2010, The Iron Hand in a Velvet Glove said…


At 9:52am on July 25, 2010, TheNinjaIsHere said…
At 12:04pm on July 13, 2010, Cijta said…
dude, u got twitter?
At 12:48am on March 18, 2010, Vermilion Stone said…
wats up
At 12:07am on March 6, 2010, lordkalem said…
that dosn't add to what i was saying.
At 12:21pm on February 3, 2010, Phill said…

Heh, yeah...ning gave me the snakee eyes.
Everyone needs time alone, though too much time alone isn't good at all.
though babysitting my friend's kids isn't my idea of curing lonliness.
At 7:13pm on January 24, 2010, Phill said…

Was it that big of a deal?

*rolls the dice & munches on an oreo*
At 8:15pm on January 23, 2010, Phill said…
*runs & dives back in ball pit & hides again*

At 10:55am on January 21, 2010, Phill said…
*turns to watch the milk jug hit the ground*

Damn, I'm leaving already!!.....though spinach is awesome too...

You could've just asked......geeze!!
At 8:20pm on January 19, 2010, Phill said…
Oh, so it was your plan to chase me out of the ball pit.
I see how it is.

*picks up a bag of oreos you missed & strolls away while munching on an oreo*
At 7:47am on January 19, 2010, Phill said…
What do you mean, oreos are ewww?!
They are awesome!!
Especially the chocolate ones.

*dives out of ball pit just as you dive back in*
At 8:15pm on January 16, 2010, Phill said…

*jumps up from ball pit*

You destroyed the oreos......WHYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!
*summons shadow clones*

*then hides in ball pit*
At 8:49am on January 15, 2010, Phill said…

*uses alchemy to make an oreo pit, then throws you in it befor hiding back in the ball pit*

At 8:03pm on January 10, 2010, Phill said…
*stands up from ball pit & crushes you with 2% spiritual pressure*

Don't make me bust out the hollow mask...
That's way too skinny.
At 4:36pm on January 9, 2010, Phill said…
*quietly listens to noise while hiding from a distance*

Sounds like you want to lose more than 20 lbs, huh?

At 2:54pm on January 9, 2010, Phill said…
*stands up & unsheaths zanpakto*

Senbone Zakura.....Scatter.

*shatters anti-spiritual pressure umbrella & uses 1/2% of spiritual pressure to make you shed 20 lbs before flash stepping to a different spot in the bottom of ball pit*

There, weight problem is now solved, so accept it.




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