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*Top 5.5 is a segment of the sites "Melhoresdomundo" where they show top 5 of some theme, and one lame one.

5º Superman : The year was 1997, and the event was the realization of all self-respecting nerd, Marvel Vs DC! Regardless of the outcome of fights have been chosen by the readers' votes, the writer Ron Marz did his best to show Superman (on mullet at the time) having to face the Hulk (the pProfessor) With excellent drawings by Claudio Castellini.

But of course Superman gets this right?? After all he is the most powerful hero of the comic! He has strength equal to the Hulk (if not more) and a bunch of powers that give him a huge advantage. Alright this victory.

This event accused 0% in the Dickery Bar.

4º Iron Man: In 1986, story written by David Micheline and Bob Layton drawings. Tony Stark tried to cure Dr. Banner, but all the fucking fuck out of control Hulk and began to destroy general. Shellhead goes head to head with the monster...

Yeah! Downey Jr. Took the belt home! In a desperate and courageous attitude, Iron Man channeled the power of his armor to strike a blow and the result was devastating. So hard that, despite knocking out Hulk, the armor jammed and he was trapped inside it ... Almost died. Stark was only saved because the bushing of the Ant-Man has gone into it (Outch) and released the circuits.

This event accused 32% in the Dickery Bar.

3º Dr. Samson : It was April 1989 and published in the monthly magazine of the Hulk's famous stage where John Byrne revitalizava hero, writing and drawing, bringing him from his exile at "the Crossroads"... Verry Well, the very first chapter Dr. Samson, obsessed to cure Dr. Banner from his curse, decided to go back and suborn Big Green to come out... Guess the outcome?

DAMN! Victory of green-headed shrink! OK, Hulk was off guard and not into fighting, but took one in the mouth that became a classic! And besides, despite of Samson history of being a regular bitch, Sampson is compatible with the strength of a calm Hulk... The problem is that Hulk's never calm, forgodsake!

This event accused 41% in the Dickery Bar.

2º Batman : A classic one! special Batman vs. Hulk. With exquisite art of Jose Luis Garcia Lopez, the story written by Len Wein at one point put the Batima to suborn Hulk ... The result you see down there:

Oooooh yeah! Bruce, With strategy and a little help from writer, nails Hulk in with a kick that forced him to breathe a gas that and left him unconscious. Come on, kicking the belly of Hulkster would be like Bátima jump in with both feet into a wall of solid steel, Big Green would not feel tickles!

This event accused 76% in the Dickery Bar..

1st Place - Captain America: When you announced that Jeph Loeb would write a tribute to Captain America, showing marvel's heroes recalling memorable moments with Steve, we all thought, "Oh, this is going to be shity."

Well then, now in 2008, Captain America - a Legend Dies # 2, story drawn by David Finch, Spider-Man recalls the day he was helped when the super soldier faced Hulk ...

YEAH my nerdy comrade! Jeph Loeb did Captain defeat the Hulk, and not using brain like Batman. He give it to sandman on punches! See the reason for the people here (MDM site) hates "Jephinho"?

This event accused 92% in the Dickery Bar..

0.5 Position - Dr. Hideko Takata : Yeah, nerdos and nerdas ... Also in 1989, John Byrne's went away due to creative differences with Marvel's editor of the day Jim Shooter... He left his Hulk saga in the middle. Then Al Milgrom took itand, at 75th edition, Hulk writer / designer presented us with this:

Well, a Damn old Lady uses aikido moves to bring the Hulk to the ground. That's the most embarrassing moment in the history of Hulk. Hell, even if it was Steven Segal in place of the hag we wouldn't swallow this ... Putting your feet in front of a 500 kg, invulnerable monster would be like trying to derail a bullet train by placing his foot on the rail!

This event Blowed up the Bar.

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