My name is Jennifer, you know me (maybe)... but do you know my ninja persona? Me either, till now.

My ninja persona may come of as unaware and absent minded, but she hears it all and aware of it all, she just isn't reacting. She is widely known for her "plant army" from far away they appear to be black shadows of seven feet, but up close they are a slick dark vined creatures covered in black thorns that slice. Unfortantly they are dumb and driven by the emotion of their planter who is of course True, she plants them with raw emotion, but they do not last a long time once thier roots leave the ground (only two weeks) . The sheen look to the plants is the thin layer of acid

They are known to be assets in fights, if so True desires.

However true knows them best for the earlier stages when she will feed them once a day, they start looking kind of like a thorned sort of cabbage, with a glowing center you can just see through the thick spinich green leaves. The red is of course the stomach.

She also persues the bow like the weapon (I) Jennifer weilds that she is fairly talented at it, though she usually only uses it when she is annoyed or threatened. She does not like huge battels but prefers to savor a one on one fight instead of being rushed to kill as many as possible without savoring a kill properly. She hates being rushed from one fight to another. And a good one on one is like a bubble bath to her, soothing the whole way through.

He plant background means she has access to rare medical herbs and often serves as a healer to any side that has a friend on it. Which means she refuses to join any force but will happily aid if asked.

Also if you have any pirate blood, she would love to take it off your hands and use it as fertilizer.

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