I lye awake at night, drowning in darkness,
Lost in nothingness,
Choking on the ticking of the Clock.

I found that time doesn't move for the lonely.
It just sits by at watches idly.
Waits for you to die.

By the time morning comes,
It seems I've waited lifetimes to see your face again.
To watch it turn away again.
Hiding all proof that you might love me.

Not having you isn't easy.
l sit in my chair with my distant eyes, and pretend emotions...
Wishing you could see me the way l see you.

In the end you'll know I love you.

The thought that someday you might
feel the same way, entices me.

Until then,
I lye awake at night, drowning in darkness.
Lost in nothingness.
Choking on the ticking of the clock.

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Comment by Ivan-sama {hyperdrive} on February 19, 2010 at 3:48am
so what



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