So i'm writing my paper during play practice when were not on and I left to do my table top trick (Which I nailed!!) and I came back to see My sister started my paper on Dorthea Lang for me.....

Hi wow you aren’t very far in your paper…here I’ll start it for you!

` Once upon a time in far away land Greenbagville ( ha ha your bag is green) lived a rainbow colored kitty who wanted to be a bird because birds could fly and he could not. And so he began jumping off buildings in hope that he would turn into a bird BUUUUTTTT it did not work. The only thing that resulted was a couple of broken bones and his tail got cut off…don’t ask how. He went to see a plastic surgen to see if it was possible to be turned into a bird. Dr. Yetty (his doctor) said…”No.” Plain and simple it was a not…..there that should help have fun.

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Comment by Kamatari on November 3, 2009 at 11:43pm
Very nice. I wish I had a sister that would do that for me... Mine is eight, so all she knows how to do is draw on my take home tests...




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