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So i'm writing my paper during play practice when were not on and I left to do my table top trick (Which I nailed!!) and I came back to see My sister started my paper on Dorthea Lang for me.....

Hi wow you aren’t very far in your paper…here I’ll start it for you!

` Once upon a time in far away land Greenbagville ( ha ha your bag is green) lived a rainbow colored kitty who wanted to be a bird because birds could fly and he could not. And so he began jumping off… Continue

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My Ninja Identity

My name is Jennifer, you know me (maybe)... but do you know my ninja persona? Me either, till now.

My ninja persona may come of as unaware and absent minded, but she hears it all and aware of it all, she just isn't reacting. She is widely known for her "plant army" from far away they appear to be black shadows of seven feet, but up close they are a slick dark vined creatures covered in black thorns that slice. Unfortantly they are dumb and driven by the emotion of their planter… Continue

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wait rewind... there's no way were there already!

There is and we are. I was washing my hands. and I thouhght how many times have I washed my hands? I thought back to when I had to use a foot stool to reach the sink and sit on a phone book. It seems forever ago, just like freshman year. It's so unreal how I'm almost an adult already. Yesterday seems eons away and so does tomorrow. I do think time is playing tricks. Only yesterday I was in my old house holding my teddy listening to the train roll by a short block away. Not this awkward young… Continue

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Rainy Thursday

Cross country is canceled and Seniors won the Dodge Ball competition, cross your fingers we win judging tonight too. I suppose i'm in for a hard practice... but well, I will manage. I started Okami yesterday, I am a bit on teh stressed side but all is well.After all it's almost Friday.

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I'm so guilty

I knew Luke and Peter were planning to break into where the other classes floats were...I over heard them planning it twice... I dismissed it.

The freshman float is in one of my dad's storage buildings... they broke into it and wreaked it... they may as well have broken into my bed room... I feel as if I personally sabatoged it

I could have reported it *sobs*

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Spirit Blog

So I'm finnally an A and B student and it only takes half the effort it did last year to get Bs and C's. I'm more laid back and easy going than ever. Except this giant black cloud called college looming over my head, he says hi by the way. So this week is fun and exhasting. I have school till 3:15 practice till 5:00, float building till 7:00 church till 9:00 and than I put together a costume for the assorted dress up day. I am thuroghly enjoying my senior year, although I cannot help but feel… Continue

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I am on ask a ninja at school

Don't worry I have all my work done. I'm making a picture for nicole too. Hope to give it to her friday. My schoolwork amount this year ewally isn't that bad. heh. I may scan it and post it here first. My stomach is acting up again.. Luckily there's only one period left after this. Than cross country practice and then I can go home. Also why is this sight not blocked? So many people get on here. XD (can you blame them) Perhapes this Ninja sight is so ninjaish it's impossible to block. I doubt… Continue

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Cold Summer nights

The weather is off. I'm off and the earth keeps spinning just skipping haphazardlessly around the sun. I have that impending sense of doom. the only solution is more television.

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Meh.. I am crying like crazy... I think I lost my job. And ya know what? It's my fault. I have to admit it.. however I would love a 2nd chance. Poor king kong.. you think blondie would be relieved not sad when he dies.. yes I am watching the movie.. or at least the last 5 minutes of it

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Chrismas anti-spirit

Okay, the egg-nog, lights and present opening is all fun and I love love love the God born as man because he loved us story..I LOVE that part of Christmas..

I hate how all the teachers pile drive us into the ground..grinding us into cement till our brains shut down in an incredibly cruel way.. I hate how you feel like you need to get every one you love something.. and until I get that job I have 25$ left to my name... but I did get a job interview -crosses fingers- I feel on the… Continue

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Breaking Point


Sorry, I needed to get that out of my system.. I've locked myself up like a princess in a tower.. only I'm not a princess and instead of a tower it's a bathroom. But you get my point.

wanna know why? If you don't go up and click the back button..please.

Well when I got home from school I discovered there was no imediate laundry to fold but the trash was getting a bit full but didn't need to be taken out yet.... however… Continue

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My very uber super original rant..

Hello one, Hello all!

So I ahve a massive headache.. perhapes it's over this MASSIVE to-do list!! Arg! i'm a pirate. to top it all off i;m emotionly exhasted. Will & Cindy (my youth pastors) found another job in Cedar Rapids. So there leaving january 20, instead of may somthing. Which means he won't be here for dare to share ((which will still rock??)) I should be happy, No! I am happy that this church really wants them. They're even provided them a house. Which is good… Continue

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I mix battery brands

Wow, that title has nothing to do with anything... hmmm but it is a true statement.. I mix batteries.. I'm soooooo bad.

But onto the point... which is.. I'm job hunting.. not as fun as deer hunting but eh, wacha gonna do? I picked up an application for KJAN. Wish me luck. Anywho I've just been super stressed as of late, I had to cut my anti-depressants because it gave me an elevated heart rate thatcaused asma.. and the half dose that is good for my heart just isn't enough... so… Continue

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1st love

Hey all, come one come all.... to Jens official first blog!! *waits for clapping to die down*

Sooo I've been at Okiboji, our theme was first love and I'd like to touch on that.

oooo thats right Jesus, did I hear someone click away.. that happens.

First love means that it's what we love above all else, above $$ or apperence or the new Call od Dudy game ;)

And it also refers to 1John, He loved us first so that we might love eachother...

or… Continue

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