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The Glare

On thursday last The Ninja tok the stage at Cobb's Comedy Club i San Fran to launch his new live show, The Glare: Looking At Life From the Opposite of Perspective. It was a blast. The Man In Black brought a pirate, a robot and an amazon to discuss and solve as many of the major issues facing the world today as possible in about 60 minutes. The clipped through healthcare, gun control, smoking, the environment, education and more. Kent and I are really excited to see what the international Order… Continue

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BLACKJACK SASS @ Harper College (Palatine, IL) MARCH 2ND!!! "Rock For Relief!!!" ALL AGES!!! $3 cover, proceeds go to the Haiti Relief Fund. Show starts at NOON. Visit www.myspace.com/blackjacksass for more information.

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My idea

The Jaguar was my idea. Not the car but the animal. Most ninjaist cat ever!!

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Ninja days in Colorado

As I travel through the shadows in Colorado the only thing running through my head is "Man it's cold here." I really wish I would have payed more attention to master Hiori when he taught the ways of controlling the body's temperature. Instead I now have to rely on my physical prowess to stay warm by not allowing my heart rate to drop. The nights are long, as you can imagine, since I can only stop moving for short periods of time. Usually to laugh silently at my fallen victims. Other than the… Continue

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BLACKJACK SASS at Books On First (Dixon) MARCH 6TH!!! ALL AGES, NO COVER!!!!! (Although tips are accepted, and it would be great to get some money to go towards getting a van!) Show starts at 7 P.M. Visit www.myspace.com/blackjacksass for more information.

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BLACKJACK SASS at The Elbo Room (Chicago) THIS THURSDAY!!! 21-and-up, $8 cover. Show starts at 8 P.M., Blackjack Sass headlines at MIDNIGHT. Visit www.myspace.com/blackjacksass or www.elboroomchicago.com for more info.

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dedicated hosting

Dedicated Hosting

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BLACKJACK SASS @ Swing State (Lake Villa) THIS SATURDAY! ALL AGES!!! $5 cover, 18-and-up to smoke. Show starts at 7 P.M., Blackjack Sass headlines at 10 P.M. Visit www.myspace.com/blackjacksass for more info.

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This is for all my friends, they know who they are(cuz l PMed them)!

And if l didn't PM you then please leave!

To all the People l forgot, you weren't on my mind for some reason and you probably don't deserve any thanks anyway!


And l hope you burn in hell l guess! (l'm gonna be… Continue

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That would be all

This is for all my friends!

it's a song by my favorite band


Wake in a sweat again

Another day's been laid to waste

In my disgrace

Stuck in my head again

Feels like I'll never leave this place

There's no escape

I'm my own worst enemy

I've given up

I'm sick of feeling

Is there nothing you can say

Take this all away

I'm… Continue

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Sewer System

My ninja clan and I discovered an entrance to the storm drainage system beneath the neighborhood a while back. Shortly after we found it, I led them inside to map out the entire tunnel complex. As we delved farther and farther into the depths of the system, the ceiling gradually lowered and lowered until we had to get down on all fours in order to move. At the end of the main branch, it split into two different smaller tunnels, one of them was smaller and pitch black, the other slightly larger… Continue

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Netflix is a solution for search of our favorite movies. It was suggested by my good friend. I was searching for movies on net randomnly. Netflix is already four times bigger than Blockbuster in the online segment and is continually investing in marketing. Having unlimited due dates and no late fees has worked in a powerful way and now seems obvious, but at that time we had no idea if consumers would even build… Continue

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i'm new here.

i am pretty new here. i'm on 2 other boards, but they are all 3 different. any pointers?

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Criminal Background Check

Criminal Background Check as the name indicates, means something related to checking criminal record. It is a database where all the information related to all the criminals is stored. There are two ways to maintain the record: online and offline. Offline record includes the traditional method of maintaining the record which involves searching overhead.

But online… Continue

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anybody else getting tired of these blogs?

you open the home page scroll down see the blogs and all you see there is advertising. l mean l'm tired of this really. Admins should do something about it instead of doing nothing all day. l'm pretty sure that an admin hasn't been online for about a month now!

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Back from camping

My non-ninja parents took my brother and I to go camping on Wednesday and we got back Saturday evening. Overall, for an outing that didn't involve any killing, it was a decent trip. My grandfather (also a non-ninja) was with us as well. We went hunting a few times, but my dad insisted I use a rifle instead of my far more accurate and powerful shuriken. Because of this, I believe, we didn't manage to make a kill. On the last day, my dad saw a group of five bucks (male deer) darting past the… Continue

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New swords

As one of my first received Christmas gifts, I got three swords of varying length to be displayed on a rack. It really adds some character to my mountaintop lair, even if they are for display only. (Not that I couldn't enchant them to make all three battle ready at any time) If I can find my camera cable to hook it up to the computer I'll add some pictures of it to my profile. At first I thought it would be hanging on the wall but it's just a three piece stand that supports the swords according… Continue

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