I was wondering if you had to choose between being an angel or devil which one would you choose, and why?

I guess i'm an inbetween because i like being adventerous and discovering things but then again i like to be calm and sweet. So really i could be either... Let me know what you think!!! :D

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very true, thanks for being honest :D
Actually the technicality is that a angel can be bad, like the devils angel because the devil was once an angel himself but a devil can't be good as a devil is always a demon (product of the devil).
I'm not sure, you come across a little devil if you ask me!
lol, that's fine
I don't really know enough about heaven to be angel, what exactly is being an angel all about?? But devil that's easy!!
no, being a devil could be hard, i mean don't you think it could get tiring doing bad things after a very long time...




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