alright noob this is where the ten people are supposed to post.

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Do l count? XD
That' 2 down then

Slowly but surely
Which ten people?

I, eggnogisgood, think theMockingNoob should do whatever he wants as far as ninja websites go.
i think you guys should apologize. this is really taking things too far. i dont want anyone to leave.
Need I say anything?


*knows he will never truely be gone from this site*
That would be 3 then XD
l want you gone. There. l've said it numerous times tho.
I, Iron Dragon, think theMockingNoob should leave the site.
l whant theMockingNoob to leave the site :D
I, Joseph, nominate theMockingNoob to leave the site.
haha alright XD
isn't this going a little far!? when you guys aren't fighting you both are awesome!




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