So guys. It's going to be hard for you to stomach but Pirates are Better.

Here is my reasoning:
Pirates get all the Booty. All of it.
When a Pirate goes in, Everyone finds out.

By contrast:
Ninjas are In and out before ANYONE notices.
They have to do it all in the dark.

Discuss if you will.

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*falls out of chair, laughing*

Shows what you know about ninja.

A ninja is a master of himself & his if a ninja is surrounded by pirates...

then a ninja will get all the booty before any pirate finds out that their wenches have been seduced by a ninja...

not our fault that a pirate was left in the dark about it.

When a Pirate goes in, Everyone finds out, cuz the girl gets AIDS XD

lets not bring this up again and make this a regular random discussion shall we?

So anyone seen any good movies lately?
Well, i i'm part pirate, i guess...

makes it easier to be stealthy around them.....though not every wentch has AIDS.

Better than what?
h*falls out of chair laughing with phill**coughs*tries to breathe and almost dies* sorry*laughs* umm wow heres my way of putting it:
murderes,self pleasers, thieves, rapists, loud and clumsy,drunk all the time, stupid,low educated,not highly trained, farting,unpolite,not focused, and EPIC FAIL
keepers of peace, exterminators of criminals, sober, smart, highly trained, highly educated, polite, very focused, silent, steadied, selfless, and EPIC
Zombies: savages! Do not fuck with us!
The ninja were them selves criminal. They fought against what passed for the legitemate government of that time, They made their money out of Murder. They were not some kind of righteous order, they were a peasant force who practiced killing, Illegally carried and produced weapons, and undermined the Accepted concept of honour within their society.

Pirates also were Criminals, but they also acted like any naval crew of their time. They had contracts and they worked, within their crew, as a force. Some of the most famous pirates (Edward "Blackbeard" Teach, looking at you) were well educated, and, especially Blackbeard, experts at naval warfare. They made their money off of cargos, and yes, occasionally killing was necessary, but frequently they simply had to run up their clours, and merchant ships would surrender.

In their down time, like all sailors, pirates drank and caroused. But, any pirate drunk on duty would be marooned.

Another point. Contrary to poipular belief, in a pitched fight, in the ring, a seasoned pirate would probably kill a seasoned ninja. Ninpo was dedicated to stealth and assasination. When faced with a (probably ex-Navy) Armed swordsman, in a one on one pitched fight, the ninja would be on, at the best, equal footing.

As befits ex naval officers, Pirate captains could be quite polite, and prisoners of class were treated with dignity befitting their station. "Contrary to the modern-day image of the traditional tyrannical pirate, he [Blackbeard] commanded his vessels with the permission of their crews, and there are no known accounts of him ever having harmed or murdered those he held captive."

Pirate ships would often be contracted to harrass the shipping lanes of another country. They would often act as a legitimate, Naval auxilliary. Ninjas were never legitimate, even when they were working for nobles.

And finally Blackbeard, the quintessential pirate, was one of the hardest men on earth to kill. after his death, they examined his wounds from that battle, he had been shot no fewer than five times, and had about twenty severe cuts on his body. When they threw his now headless body into the water, it purportedly swam LAPS around the ship before finally sinking. if that doesn't indicate focus, I don't know what does. If someone like that came up against one of your fearsome ninja, he'd pull the sword out of his chest and proceed to go to town on said ninja. Who would then die, like the overhyped assasin that he is. that's right. even then, it's doubtful that he really died, because he looks strikingly similar to Grigor Rasputin, another man who was incredibly hard to kill. I am forced to conclude that Blackbeard was a Time Lord. Now, Has there ever been a Time Lord ninja? no. I didn't think so.

tl;dr: Your preconceptions about Ninjas are way off, piates weren't as untrained, uneducated or Impolite as you believe, Blackbeard was a timelord.
WOOOOAH duuuuude! This is like, a baby wikipedia page ya got here. (I didn't bother to read it btw (which I apologize for) because it's late at night and my eyes are tired *yawns*)

Anyway I'm guessing (and this is JUST an assumption) that this will end up being one of our many discussions that end in a draw because we've decided everyone is entitled to their own opinion and someone will move the discussion on to something less serious like;

WHO LIKES SPAGHETTI TACOS? (PS As a hippy I'm on neither side of this debate)
l just like spaghetti
That's what the too long;didn't read is for. And this was originally intended as a light hearted jab. But somone had to go and be WRONG about OBJECTIVE FACTS.
surely you don't expect us to read this.

So how about a good movie?

oh my frick what the heckman, criminaals are you serious?!?!?!?!?! ninjas were started in teh japanese gov as secret service for the wars man, foolish pirate, you know nothing




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