So guys. It's going to be hard for you to stomach but Pirates are Better.

Here is my reasoning:
Pirates get all the Booty. All of it.
When a Pirate goes in, Everyone finds out.

By contrast:
Ninjas are In and out before ANYONE notices.
They have to do it all in the dark.

Discuss if you will.

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ok there we go. thank you finally.
I've tried. their answers don't really make sense to me either. and with how long I'm on the computer either way wouldn't matter really.
and that is why i'm not reading that. and why i didn't look; it up. you already know. I was asking you to tell me in simple layman's terms. I didn't want to have to search for the answer.
No way i hate pirates they suck but then again i also hate clowns robots zombies teachers canadians mail men and the simpsons 
Na i just cant be bothered to use them
It could happen if i found a canadian zombie robot clown that teaches and is a mail man for his second job. Also happens to be yellow due to skin coloration convention
Baisicly if i found a convention for all those things
and or people
ye baisicly




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