COME ONE COME ALL!!! if ur a noob or know a noob, u need to visit AANF Welcoming Comittee . we r going to need everyones help to make this work, so, for the love of neptune, HELP!!!


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*nods* good man........mind u, harley is very much one of the admins for the site so u cant do anything silly or disorderly!
what are we supposed to do?
really now?
just kindly direct the noobs to the welcome center, help them out and what
your such a liar if anything your going to make there lives miserabile
you got me there
Why don't we have one of the mods or a co-founder invite all members. lt'd save a lot of typing and stuff
thats true, but the mods (as SPAM has stated) are pretty inactive.

spam, how u gonna help? *suspicious look*
tee hee, while i know the intention i cant help but think of the spam skit from flying circus......
-____- totally not falling for it this time .....BUT WANTS TO CLICK!!!
r u sure?....i clicked on one of Peppy's links not 5 minutes ago and was mislead....
((this comment is purely for points)) mainly because I feel I have nothing to add and want to be honest about it... I've never seen Montey Python.




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