l wonder if there's anybody left who remembers me XD 

l see tMN deleted which is a shame but yeah. 

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I'm still here.  ^_^
And this guy /\ has been here at least that long XD
I think I've been around since somewhere in 2008, (though that did include a protracted absence)...
Your screen name seems really really familiar. Have you been here since four or three or four years ago?

I am back, and you had better remember me XD

and yeah, he has, hes been here a very long time

i believe i started in august 2009.  so two years for me

Yay!  We need all the returners we can get!
yeah this place has been dead since feb of 2010, thats why i finally stopped, also because i was in the military.
I know.  I checked in a couple of times during my absence, and saw that nothing was going on.  It was kind of depressing, because this site used to be so great.  But that's why I'm making an effort here now - in the (possibly vain) hope that things will pick up again eventually...
yeah this site used to be pretty rad
Still, even now - with all the deadness - this place is more fun than Facebook...  ^_~

facebook? is that a british thing again?

It's a pretty worldwide thing.  Started in America, I think.  I dabbled with it for a while, but just couldn't get into it.




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