What's going on.. I click go online but it dosn't do anything... help. T.T I miss the chat room already.

Any Suggestions?

Also when the chat window is down it says I'm online but when I open the window the icon is red and states i'm offline, and even if I click on it, it will not change.

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Oh I already had a bunch of browser issues using this site... It seems like the only thing that works flawlessly is FireFox...
and I'm not using it!

How do you post on groups with iPhone's Safari?
Can your Opera fully load AaN pages?
Also my PS3's FireFox 5.0 fails to open profile comments!
i dont use computers, i use my mind to reply and chat ;P
you also might try droping monkey dumpage on the commp, that might work
You mean like spankin' it?
If so: I have no PC!!!

•runs away thinkin' only about hidin' his traces•
if u rnt asking, im certanly not gonna
You should!
But you know what they say "shoot first ask questions later"!




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