What's going on.. I click go online but it dosn't do anything... help. T.T I miss the chat room already.

Any Suggestions?

Also when the chat window is down it says I'm online but when I open the window the icon is red and states i'm offline, and even if I click on it, it will not change.

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Your so cruel.... *cries* I want to see what you wrote...
i am too
That sucks, sometimes it happens to me too......when my internet is acting like crap....idk really how to fix it. I just wait it out.
really? When? naw I'm talking about a while ago.
Oh? Damn.....and this entire time I've been sacrificing goats.
>___< Gosh, I suppose now you're gonna tell me human sacrifices don't help boost Wi-Fi?
im glad we solved that
realy? *slaughters some pirates*
or rabbits
your right, there never were any rabbits *sob* im so sorry!

*walks away*
*falls in a rabbit hole*
Time fixed it




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