They say that you can judge a person just by lookung in there eyes. "oh you could see it in his eyes..." That kind of thing, right? Well...If I was in the room with you, doyou think you could look into my eyes, and judge me as a person? Could you look into my soul? Or could you label me as a conceeded, childish, opinionated individual.
We are all alone in the world, acctually. You look into my eyes, and you judge me as a person. You make assumptions, judgements. I'm really you. Your making me, your making me what you percieve me to be. The me you think of, is an entierly different person then who I acctually am. That is why we are alll alone, more alone then we ever thought. We are living with perceptions that our own mind creates. We live with ourselves, and ideas and personalities that we create. You will never know me. You will only think you know me. I am acctually a person behind the person you think you know. and you are the same.
I am not me.
You are not you.
But we are alone.

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sounds like you
i dont care, shes not mean or anything. she didnt, like attack that chick so i dont get y she was attacked like that...
Okay "Leanne",
I don't know if I've ever said or done something to you in the real world that upset you and if I did I'm sorry.
But for poetic sakes...let's settle this in the fake world.

I already responded to your honesty box message, and understand that I was mad, and frustrated at you...for obvious reasons. I'd like to apologize for my crudness...since it was dumb of me to yell at you like that...not understand.

Just to clear things up.
Alot of people do, it's an escape methode, you changed your name...I changed maybe...understand...probobly not.
I havn't done anything productive on this site for a long time and it was you that brought me back.
I used the french thing as an excuse for my terrible spelling.
I might add that in the honesty box thing you siad I pretended certan works were mine I dont think I ever claimed to have written them, but I know I didn't site them, which was careless...but I don't think...might be wrong, alot of these are ancient.

I lie on the internet, I even have another flase persona on this same site I used to mess with people and have arguments with myself...messed up. But That was confessed. I don't write alot of the stuff I post, but I mainly just want to get it up there so information is spread.
I lied about facts about myself cause Im a boring person in real life, I don't have to be on the internet. Is that honest enough for you?

Am I really an LG? Hmm...that sucks.

Also..I try not to lie at all in the real world. Sorry if I every did anything upseting.

Obama did something once.
I love the police.
Global temperature is rising.
Eye sppel gud.
PlayStationNetwork is a work of satan, that's why you don't have to pay for it.

See ALL lies... in a positive type of way!
Anyone hurt?
i agree, and will continue it

i love my parents,
gym is my fave subject
our schools higher ups are making wonderful decisions
i am very proud of AANF




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