They say that you can judge a person just by lookung in there eyes. "oh you could see it in his eyes..." That kind of thing, right? Well...If I was in the room with you, doyou think you could look into my eyes, and judge me as a person? Could you look into my soul? Or could you label me as a conceeded, childish, opinionated individual.
We are all alone in the world, acctually. You look into my eyes, and you judge me as a person. You make assumptions, judgements. I'm really you. Your making me, your making me what you percieve me to be. The me you think of, is an entierly different person then who I acctually am. That is why we are alll alone, more alone then we ever thought. We are living with perceptions that our own mind creates. We live with ourselves, and ideas and personalities that we create. You will never know me. You will only think you know me. I am acctually a person behind the person you think you know. and you are the same.
I am not me.
You are not you.
But we are alone.

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I use eye contact to determine decite or threat from a person
I usually wear a hood or a hat or something, and I hide my eyes with the brim or simply the shadow. If my own eyes are hidden, i can usualy look at someone else's, but I feel sort of... exposed if they can see mine. I guess it's kind of like a child that hides his face in his hands and says "you can't see me!". Even though we can see their body, we cannot see "into their soul" as you put it.. Perhaps children are wiser than we give them credit for.
Children are perfect, it's the parents who corrupt them with false asperations, image and reality.

Too subtle?
Kinky Candy
Time to go outside a little more often.
Read through the Tao Te Ching sometime:
And what's that supposed to mean?




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