we need ideas to save this site

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Well, we can:

  1. Tell new people about this site;
  2. Give new members (who aren't bots / spammers) as warm a welcome as possible;
  3. Remind old members about it, if we have ways to get in touch with them;
  4. Make as full use of the site's features as possible - EG forums, blogs, apps, &c.;
  5. Be prepared to make a little bit of an effort in all these things;
  6. Be nice to each other!
Thank you for your efforts, Red Fox.  Yes, hopefully together we can really make something of this place again.
I have aFallen on skype, want me to get him to come back? lol
^.^ Sure~!

o.o I was preparing something witty to say but this is very on-the-dot~

^^I'll try to take my part by advertising the site more and being more active! =3

We should think of a fun event to make on AAN that people could participate in~!! X3 

I stopped the chat since there was never anyone on it when I stopped by and it was depressing.


I'm here, I'm open to changing the fansite to suit you guys, take away the leaderboards, okay?


What else?

I was wondering where chat went (that really depressed me).... But like Indur said, being a troll is pretty much the main thing that turns ppl off (both online and in person) So if ppl are just trying to get a reaction out of you, one of your friends, or even a newbie (especially a newbie) just blow the attention seeker off and tell the other person to as well. Hopefully they'll get the hint.
That is part of the reason I left. And the supposed scandal, but that's a different story :)

Well I'm glad you're back, Peppy!

Also glad the Chat is back.  Even though I never used it, I know some people did and really enjoyed it.  So yay!  Aces for the site.  ^_^

alright the chats back, thats good, but really, i always hated to say this, but i think this site needs one mod.

but only for the purpose of kicking off trolls.  they were too damn strict before, because we couldnt do anything. thanks to a fallen, they left, but now noone is here. i stayed off for a while because i did not appreciate how tmn was bullying most of the people on this site, i didnt want to support him, so i was less active here.

but due to him, many people have left.

im sure he will argue back but i dont care, you heard me digitalfimmaker

Okay, so who should be the Mod? Nominate!

Anon, you act just as bad (if not worse) than Noob! so maybe you should watch what you say.

Someone of your character should be ashamed to point the finger like you do. And what makes you think that you can talk mess about someone when you yourself get on chat and talk mess?!?! That's pretty hypocritical!




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