when i brought up clown day, the general reaction in the forums was "iz be afraid of teh clowns!!" and i began to wonder, how many ppl are afraid of clowns? i shall make a list of everyone who comments here and says they are!


Peppy le Spaz
a fallen
what was that?!

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now that one is creepy
omg.....not expecting that at all.....I can't even scroll upwards to look at the discussion explanation *crawls in a box to hide* I'm not especially afraid of clowns. I mean, I managed to watch Stephen King's IT without running away screaming, but....omg that one right there will give me nightmares.
i know right ashley?!
lolz, bc u posted XD and that was the point. clowns r scary and should be feared. so i put up a poster child :D
but they not all like that
they are to me
its true, u start seeing all clowns like that.....
They're scary enough as it is. lf l start seeing them like that l'll have to kill myself
haha, its potent!
l was the first to say l'm scared of those things.




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