What is going on? I've been savaging my way thru the universe for quite some time now that I menaged to forget about this abandoned fucking site. So tell me are you still undead?

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yeah kinda dead now. not really what it used to be
yeah but so far i say they suck
The 10/12 one is pretty good. I don't do any major criticizing until a few episodes in.
I think of it more as a revitalization of their comedy.
*gasp* TMN that's a little harsh, ne?

Hey Zombaba, it sounds like you're hungry.  Come with me and I will chop off the heads so you can slurp out the brains.  Its a done deal as long as you save me the hypothalmus. 

You got it.

I've recently taken up salvaging hearts as well.. that shouldn't be a problem either right? Since you just eat brains and all... ;\




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