Right, the rest of the Moderators and I have been talking about this matter, and we've decided that it's best to implement rules now, so that this forum isn't total chaos. Don't worry, you've still got most of your freedom.

As far as I can tell, we're more concerned about forum spamming, which can annoy the heck out of everyone. Look, if someone's discussing something that's totally inappropriate, and I'll let you all figure that out for yourselves, let either me, or another Moderator know, and we'll look into it. Give evidence too, you can take screenshots by pressing Shift+Print Screen. Then paste the shot onto MS Paint, and send it to us.

Now in other forums, they have a strike system where first offenders are given a warning, second offense is a temporary ban, usually ranging from a day to two weeks, based on the offense, and the third strike being a permanent ban. This is just to keep everything clean...one thing to mention, if you ban evade, you will be permanently banned instantly. We have ways of finding out, trust me.

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l was 12 when l registered tho.
i totally agree with the activity thing. i see about what... um at most 10 people active a day. like really.
hey did you leave?
i would like to give my opinion of the rules here too

1) sometimes that is a good way to start a conversation as well as it is kinda funny, hence they do that. and way to point out specific people on this rule btw. However, I do agree that if that is all that is going on it is annoying and then would be considered spam, but that's only after a certain point. just because they do it a lot does not mean it doesn't help move the nearly non-existant conversation here, because so few people come on anymore anyway.

2) fair enough. but some language is not considered cursing some places and is somewhere else. Lots of people think hell is a curse word. I don't think so. how are we to know what words are curse words and what are not according to whatever rules you have decided to set.

3) this is pretty much the same reply as number 2. who is to say what is porn and what isn't? some things may be risque but not porn. I think you are referring to a particular image too.

4) it is a forum. you should have no complaints about possibly being shut down. it is the individuals fault, not the site, and you may ban the individual because of it.

and as a side note. automatically banning somone is not a warning. altho I don't disagree with banning someone i do not feel that it should count as a first warning.

I think I got everything i wanted in. however i will add posts if something else comes up.
l agree that wule 4 is kinda stupid. You can't get sued for that.

And please don't take away out yes, no, maybe and whats
l agree
Believe it or not, I got an e-mail from one of the other mods asking for help. I told him I had experience moderating other forums, and he gave me the job. Trust me, I'm not one to abuse power.
Well, put it this way, I'm actually rather hard to piss off, so don't worry about me.
ah this is perfect. listen to this mods. i don't think anyone will disagree with Harley here.
No you don't get banned for freedom of speech, yes, you do get banned for abusing said freedom. Get it, got it? Good.
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