A lot of people on here say they are ninjas... well I question you. What do you have that makes you a ninja? Ever done something really sneaky? Know a type of martial arts? Or perhaps you have some other reason? Well I wanna know!

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Besides my training I use black eggs for my tricks, real ninja's know what that is:)
Sai weapons, swords and black eggs
If the only person you train with is yourself then your skills are lacking and most likely worthless.
Well I have a bunch of weapons like my throwing hatchet, shuriken, plenty of knives, and I'm about to get a three piece ninja sword set. And that's not even mentioning my skills I get on top of my garage and jump to my House roof, and I have puma like reflexes. Soo yeah I'm pretty ninja.
i do handstands up walls, brush my teeth with sandpaper, and have fought a blind swordsman with a manned blindsword. i reached zen omnipresents in the womb and killed an emperor within days of birth. is that ninja? what about my ability to make a ninja mask with the skin of my adversaries in -10 seconds (he's a mask before he's skinned) i made a crossbow with 120lb drawweight out of chopesticks and mentos.

on a much lighter note
Martial Art?: check (Aikido)
REALLY sneaky?: check (uncross your legs and take your damn hand off your cheek for the last time!)
and i can balance coins ontop of balanced coins
Does it piss anyone else off having everyone bragging about how they are "ninja" because they can walk "silently" and because they own a few swords and do martial arts that have nothing to do with being a ninja?




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