A lot of people on here say they are ninjas... well I question you. What do you have that makes you a ninja? Ever done something really sneaky? Know a type of martial arts? Or perhaps you have some other reason? Well I wanna know!

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What do i do that makes me a ninja?, well, first of all, i don`t make any noises when i walk, seriusly, it`s something i`ve been doing since i was eleven, it took me years to master it, but it totally paid off, now i sneak up on everybody.
Besides i practice martial arts, i dont have the time to actually go to a martial arts school so i train my miself, and i can tell you this, i`m not bad, not at all, specially with my weapons, i`m pretty god with the nunchakus, the bo staff, the kali sticks and the sword.
Most of time i wear black, so if you sum that up, i`m quite close to be a ninja, i even wear a ninja mask, but who doesn`t in this site?

PD:Did i mention that i`m freakin awesome?
Awesome. I to am very quiet when I walk, although I'm not completely silent. Also, I'm really good with a bo staff, sais, and katana, though I've always been interested in learning how to use kali sticks. But yeah, I'd have to say you are without a doubt a ninja.

PS: it deffinitely helps that you're freaking awesome!
it took you a long time to learn how to walk silently....it took me 2 minutes
sure it did
I'm wicked with a bo staff.
I Need to get better with the Bo staff anyways... but since this ninja keeping geting his Right shoulder fucked up can't really work with the Bo staff
Also, I wear Ninja suits that will add more stealthily hide me even in the daylight in Walmart.
I know the seven steps to becomming a Ninja, thats why... plus a bit o' sneaking I can do... And I've battled hard at the dead of night under a full moon, sword against sword more than once.
Sword against sword, the light of the moon reflecting off the blades with each swing... yeah, that's pretty ninja.
that is pretty ninja like but can u tell us all what the seven syeps of becoming a ninja are? That is the ultimate test 2 prove u are a ninja.
That's a good question. Now i have a question for you. Who's buried under my house?
Who's buried under your house? More like "How many?"




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