everyone is gone, or going. or, if they r here, everything is so dramatic its rediculous. im taking a break for a bit. i'll be back later i suppose....but ima go on holiday.

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-___-' cold honor, this is so not the discussion for that.

I'm.....sorry Peppy. By the time you read this I'll have taken the next train out of here.....


Ashley O.
me and chris are planning ....sorry but the revenge will be swift and brutal
all right l guess every1's leaving and l don't wanna be an outsider

but what happened?
yeah whatever.
thanks. il'm sick of a fallen...
he does that to plenty of people not just women
haha indeed
haha but how long is holiday?
or longer. I think she just meant a break from the site.
mhm. it's just they don't stay long
i know. i miss the mad hatter. she was always fun
you might




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